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リネン生地と麻の老舗 【林与】
ホーム日傘キモノパラソル 金魚掬

キモノパラソル 金魚掬[kimonokingyosukui]

販売価格: 43,000円(税込)





生地  麻100%(本体・ベルト部分)UV加工済み
中棒  国産樫 長さ47cm
ロクロ 真鍮
ハジキ 線ハジキ
手元  国産竹
石突  国産竹
露先  木製




Our new sun shade was made as we wish you to enjoy our textile. How about strolling around your neighbor with it in a sunny day? it's when the sunbeam streams into it when ramie textile looks the most beautiful.

We put our representative textile "Honasa-Temomi", which is ramie textile with hand creased finish.
Our vintage Ohmi-Jofu textile was used for a band. the name " Kimono parasol" came from the scenery of a women wearing Kimono with Ohmi-Jofu sash belt.

We also chose every part to be perfect in our parasol.It came true with a kind cooperation of Omori Shoten who is well-known for making parasol, especially handle parts. Japanese oak is used for the shaft, you will love its smoothness and how it is made with care. We put lined spring for spring lock. although we hardly see them these days, it is very soft to touch and easy to handle compared to plated one.

This parasol has a 47cm shaft which is the length regular parasols have.

We are always happy to take care of it when a parasol needs repair, please contact us.

100% Ramie

stick: Japanese oak
spring lock: button lined spring
runner: brass
handle: Japanese bamboo
Ferrule:  Japanese bamboo
tip: wood

Care tips
Remove stains and dust whenever it needs, we recommend you to use brush or wet cloth

(Cleaning at the end of the season)
1. This parasol is washable.
2. Put it in a water of neutral detergent, leave it for about 5min. (Avoid leaving for a long time)
3. Wash well using a shower.
4. Dry out in the shade as opened.